Wednesday, June 03, 2009


images felt more than remembered

flashes of memories drifting through the dusty corners of the attic of the mind

the hard newly fallen log under us

the smell of fresh sawdust

the thunderous calm of a just silenced chain saw

oily blue exhaust hanging in the air

this man, gentle, old yet strong beside me

loving me like he had such a long line of young boys

not always with words or touch but with time

working beside them, unknowingly molding them

the wagon is loaded, the tractor started

adding its own darker puff of exhaust to that of the chain saw

the ride back

feet stuck through the rear of the buckling seat

his strong back supporting mine – loved, wanted, safe, free

I stand beside another driveway now

the same tractor puffs into view and I see his son with mine

I know what he is feeling and smile

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