Thursday, August 31, 2006

All Tired Out!

When I look back and see that I last posted here in June I'm amazed. It has been one busy summer - just look how exhausted Tyler is! Mom and Kim are both recovering well from the accident, I did a fair share of traveling for work and now it's almost time for school to start. We went camping last weekend and will be gone over Labor Day as well. It's been a great time and ultimately a great summer. This post was really just an excuse to post a cute picture of my boy. (a dad can be proud can't he)

One thing I'll be writing more about soon is the worship journey God has me on right now. I was asked to take over the leadership and planning for our worship team at church. It has been great to be in that role again - God has been teaching me some cool stuff that I want to flesh out into a post soon.

Keep Reading,
God Bless