Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pointing High

Some more big trees!

Tall trees combined

Those Trees are Gianormous!

I have a conference in the Monterey Bay area of California every year about this time.  This year Deb tagged along with me.  We left a few days early and spent one night up at Sequoia/Kings Canyon National park before heading down to the coast.  Here are a few pics of the awesomeness of God we saw there.  (Man, those are a some big trees!)


We stayed at the Wuksachi Village in the Sequoia half of the Park.  This is the Wuksachi Lodge.


We climbed Moro Rock these are a few of the steps on the way up (there are over 300).  The picture below is from about halfway up.



Sequoias sometimes get top-heavy and fall.  This is Buttress Tree.  It fell unexpectedly in 1959.



Every want to drive through a tree?


My sweetheart and a big big tree!



Who is that cute couple?



This is the General Sherman Tree.  The biggest tree in the world. It adds 50 cubic feet of wood to it's mass each year.


God sure does amazing work doesn't He!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The View From Up Here!

I ran across this awesome picture this morning taken from the Space Shuttle Endeavour of the International Space Station. The land you see to the left of the Space Station is Italy - to get a real feel for what your looking at NASA has annotated the picture here. What an awesome world God has made for his children to enjoy.