Monday, June 19, 2006

The Body at Work

Our family had a shock this weekend. My Mom and my niece and nephew were in a very serious car accident. (If you want to know details you can go to the update page I set up for them here but this post isn't really about that.) One of the things that has been so incredible to see over the last five days is the Body of Christ at work. We each have been given different gifts and talents and mine tend to be fairly public. I teach, I sing, I lead worship and people see me using my gifts. That doesn't mean that my gifts are more important than the next persons they are just more public. But this weekend it was the quiet gifts that we rarely see that made the difference. In the stress and confusion of the weekend simple things like someone bringing a bag of Taco Bell tacos up to the hospital meant so much. The hundreds of people praying has worked miracles. The folks who watched our kids for us so we could be where we needed to be. The people who chipped in and helped finish the Bible school projects my wife has been working on and the list can go on and on.

It is in the little things that Body of Christ can be truly seen at work. Jesus taught about the "cup of cold water given in my name" and loving your neighbor not hermeneutics and worship techniques or church grow methods. He knew that if we spend our time on building true relationships with those around us, both believers and unbelievers, so many of the other things would take care of them selves. We reach our world by loving it not by preaching to it. The body is healed by care not criticism.

In the midst of this our pastor is preaching on stewardship. Steward ship is being faithful in the little things. When this happens we will be trusted with much. I've heard it put this way as well, "When you watch the pennies the dollars take care of themselves."

Watch your pennies, mind the little things, do the good that is right before you today.

May your life be faithful - Dan